Last Event of Festival of India- Buddhist Exhibition

Buddhist Exhibition


The last event of the first-ever Festival of India in Thailand, organised by the Embassy of India and the Indian Ministry of Culture, is a rare and arresting Buddhist Exhibition, that’s currently on at Srinakharinwirot University, till 2 APRIL.

On 3 APRIL, it will move to the Siam Paragon Hall, in conjunction with the Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives, where it will be inaugurated by HRH Princess Soamsawalli , and will be on view to the general public, till 7 APRIL.

This is a must-see Exhibition, which excited and moved Buddhist viewers at Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, where Festivals of India were held, earlier this year.

The Exhibition, entitled ‘Dharma Darshan’ (‘ Experiencing the Dharma’) has on view a range of arresting statuettes, panels, pictures.

They display the Buddha in various ‘Mudras’, as also the rare image of the ‘Emaciated Buddha’ (after his rigorous penance , and just before he gained enlightenment).

The panels recount various tales, including the ‘Empty Throne’, after the Buddha’s passing away, which has moved many Buddhist viewers.

The Exhibition also has large, calendar-style pictures of the many sacred Buddhist sites in India. These include the four most important places- Lumpini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar, as also Rajgir, Sravasti, Vaishali, Sankassia, not to forget the Ajanta, Ellora, Nagarjunda Caves, and several others.

Jhumur Singh, the chief Curator of the Exhibition, worked tirelessly for than two years, with her artist-husband, Shailendra Kumar Singh, to set up this Exhibition.

She informed that the statues were not the original ones, but fibre glass replicas, which took months to make, and cost a lot of money.

“These are sacred statues, and the moulds come out well, only if we have the right spirit within us, which is why me and my team of seven people, meditated for many hours, before we created them” said the sculptor.

That’s why she was happy by the euphoric response to the Exhibition, in the countries they have been shown in.

“People prayed, meditated, prostrated, even wept when they saw the statues-I was so moved, and have never seen anything like this!” exclaimed the curator, talking of the reaction to the Exhibition, at Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam.

“There are Buddhist believers even in the Communist countries” she said.

Jhumur Singh said she was looking forward to interacting with the Buddhist people of Bangkok, and also visiting many Buddhist temples and galleries in the city.

The ‘Dharma Darshan’ Buddhist Exhibition, is on at Srinakharinwirot University till 2 April.
It will move to Siam Paragon Hall, from 3 April- 7 April
For more details 02 2580300-5, Ext 112 – Masalacurry


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